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Exorcist II

At that time, Aunt Song Xin felt that it was fate, because although Song Xin's parents had not completely agreed to the marriage, her aunt had already begun to arrange candidates. Of course, I'm still looking for a matchmaker. This kind of thing is relatively rare in the city, looking for a lot of days to find one, and the other side also has this desire. The man, He Ming, died in a car accident 30 years ago when he was in his thirties. Although the days of death for a long time, but the mother has been unable to put down the concern, high matchmaker I do not know where to find these, find the old man said, immediately talked about. All the wedding ceremonies, the procedures, and the funeral service personnel were all handled by the matchmaker, and of course she received a lot of money. Specifically, the man and the woman each receive thirty thousand yuan. Bao Datong almost jumped when he heard this. Thirty thousand yuan per family? Two is sixty thousand, please trumpeters, buy those paper supplies, wedding day real wedding cakes and so on, add up to less than ten thousand yuan, so toss two net profit of fifty thousand? What a good business it is. He guessed that Matchmaker Gao had not been doing this for one or two days. If business was good, she would probably be able to live in a luxury house and drive a famous car now. But judging from the address given by Aunt Song Xin, Matchmaker Gao lived in the suburbs. But I heard that the house there is big and cheap, geothermal heating, the quality is good, but to get there through the kilometer toll station, back and forth to charge, it is not very convenient. That day,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, the flower bud saw to Song Xin to marry the team, it seems that Song Xin is not willing to marry, but was controlled by the high matchmaker. So why did she run out of the sedan chair? Why did you rush straight to the side of the bud? Is it for help? Or what does this have to do with buds? Song Xin's parents said that after giving Song Xin a Yin marriage, they also dreamed of a scene in which Song Xin sat in a small room, dressed neatly, with her hair combed in order, and told them that she had a good life. Song and his wife are very gratified, but Bao Datong suspects that the two dreams are too coincidental, who on earth let them dream? If someone cheats them in order to make money, and then casts a spell,ceramic igniter electrodes, this person's ability is very strong, probably similar to Ruan Zhan. Of course, he is much better than he who has the power of 18 years old. Also, although Song Xin is a violent death, but if there is no resentment, she has been dead for a year, should have gone to the place to go, how can it be attached to the photo to frighten the bud? Why did matchmaker Gao say that to Hua Lei at that time? With these doubts, Bao Datong came to the place where the matchmaker lived. It was a high-rise apartment with an artificial lake nearby, and the view was very good. In such a place, the higher the floor, the higher the house price. It is reasonable to say that the matchmaker can afford it, but she lives on the first floor. As soon as I approached the building, I felt very dark. The weather was already a little cold. At the moment, it gave me the feeling that the pores of my whole body were open. Bao Datong frowned, feeling that this was not caused by the weather, after all, it was eleven o'clock in the morning, Yang Qi was still on the rise, not to the extreme. He rang the doorbell of 101 and waited for a long time before there was a sound of "kicking", 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,ceramic bobbin element, which was strange because it proved that the other party did not pick up the doorbell walkie-talkie, but Bao Datong heard it outside. Who are you It's a very sharp voice, and it feels very gloomy. I was introduced to my sister's marriage. Bao Datong said, staring at the door number on the intercom doorbell, as if he felt that there was a pair of eyes that could look out. There was no sound for a long time, as if the people over there had left, but Bao Datong could hear a slight breathing sound, eating, as if someone was laughing. Then, with a "click", the big iron gate at the entrance of the building opened and made a heavy sound. Chapter 14 matchmaker Gao The corridors of many high-rise buildings are circular, with elevators and escape ladders in the middle, as is the building where the matchmaker is located. It's just that in general, the door numbers are arranged clockwise or counterclockwise. What's strange about this building is that it's arranged in single left and double right, and it's counted from the innermost. That is to say, Room 101 is at the end of the corridor, separated by two elevators, facing the escape ladder. Bao Datong observed for a while, slowly walked in, the iron gate automatically closed behind him, it seems that the security environment is good, but it gives people a sense of barrier, as if swallowed into the monster's huge mouth, in addition to going inside, there is no other way out. The corridor was surprisingly quiet, and no sound was heard except his footsteps, but when he found the door number of Room 101, he suddenly felt different, and a serious sense of existence came from the side. Suddenly he turned his head and saw a thin and gloomy young man sitting on the bottom floor of the escape ladder. His face was pale, as if he had not been in the sun for a hundred years. At this time, he was staring at him, his eyes and body were motionless, and he looked like a human puppet. Also, there was no sound of breathing. He turned sideways, as if he had been there all the time, and the concrete staircase turned a corner from the left and went down, because it was dark and silent, as if it led to the depths of hell, but in fact it led to the basement. At the end of the stairs, there was a super lock hanging on the red lacquer wooden door, which looked like something like a terrible monster, showing a bit of evil. Knock! Bao Datong has not yet made a judgment, the door behind him was suddenly pulled open, a person's image is out of thin air standing in the doorway. Thin, wrinkled, half-long hair, dressed in black clothes, from the appearance simply can not tell whether it is male or female, but Bao Datong knows that she is a woman, high matchmaker. Excuse me He spoke. Come in Matchmaker Gao interrupted him and dodged in, leaving the door wide open. Bao Datong looked at the room, then looked back at the boy, saw that he was still staring at himself, did not say or move, the accident was particularly serious, but had to go in. The living room is very simple, even makes people feel poor, the light is very dim, the dining table and sofa seem to be picked up, there is no household appliances, about 40 square meters of hall, these furniture occupy one third of the space, the other third is empty,ceramic bobbin heater core, the last third is placed with a strange tree, like the largest Christmas tree, but the branches and leaves are all dyed red. It's covered with photos. Bao Datong sniffed. global-ceramics.com

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