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Posted By Hire SEO Freelancer on 02/26/2022

Branding 2022: How to Create an Impressive Brand Video?

Branding 2022: How to Create an Impressive Brand Video?

Videos are the most famous, widespread, and quick way to share a message in the digital age. People these days see videos for entertainment, learning, and anything in between. Thus making brand videos is the best way for companies to spread their product info and gain more consumers. Hence this guide will provide valuable information on making amazing brand videos.     

The division of brand videos in branding

Currently, it is absurd to undervalue the importance of videos in marketing and branding drives. Yet, the fact is that videos are and will remain the most famous type of content. Here’s why?

  • Videos are much more impressive than text and explicit images.
  • They can collect the customer’s attention and keep it.
  • Videos can convey information by using text, narration, and visual elements.
  • Videos offer a chance for companies to use trending songs to make their videos more well-known.

Important Point

Approximately 80% of customers say that they prioritize watching videos over reading text posts and that video clips have satisfied them to make a purchase.   

Brand video categories

So now one knows the importance of videos for their companies, and they are also familiar with the numerous video types, so which one to choose for branding? Here are the categories, which are perfect for this task.

Product videos: Product videos are clips, which present the product; that’s it. One can select numerous concepts; both detailed product reviews and brief reviews will work. Here are some tips to make an excellent product video.

  • The primary video character is the product.
  • Make it a story rather than a commercial.
  • The video can also explain how to use the product.  

Informative videos: Informative videos have valuable information from businessmen’s networks or other sectors related to their business. Furthermore, such videos can help one show themselves as a master in their field. Here are the two benefits of informative videos.

  • One can share their knowledge with their market to experience that they are receiving value from the content.
  • Businessmen can get their customers’ trust by displaying they are a professional.

Educational videos: Educational videos have the sole intention to display how to use the products usually or differently.

Example: Businessmen can show how customers can use their products to make projects, life hacks, etc.

Video messages from someone essential: Messages from crucial people in the company, such as its founder(s) or CEO, can help one convey their brands’ ideas and positioning to the market.

Important point: Such clips can help customers feel nearby the brand and think that the CEO is their neighbor.  

Video endorsements: Video testimonials from the existing customers are worth including in the branding strategy as it has many benefits.

  • Customers will more probably consider the experience and opinions of others.
  • It can make the brand visible to people looking for product reviews.
  • Helpful for new customers as they can evaluate one’s product from previous reviews.

Best tips to make branding videos 

Here are the seven steps to make a fantastic brand video.

  • Start by making a script and ensure that it makes sense to the main product or message.  
  • Make it a story instead of a commercial, like a cinema film.
  • Gather all the equipment ready and get as much as possible under a set budget.
  • Decide a location where filming the video is more accessible, such as straightforward lighting, appropriate place according to the product, etc.
  • Correct any mistakes and add final touches in post-production.
  • Add visual elements such as brand logo, etc.
  • Select the right platform and post the brand video

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