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Posted By Shivalaya Jaipur on 07/16/2021

Block Printed Kurta & Pajama: The Perfect Gift For Kids

Block Printed Kurta & Pajama: The Perfect Gift For Kids

Kids are the little bundle of joy, cheer, cuteness and demand. Demand? Where did that come from? Yes, kids demand a lot, and they require the new. So here is something that will never get old, hand block-printed kurta & pajama set.

What makes block-printed kurtas & pajamas perfect for kids?

Nothing can be better than a Hand Block Printed Kurta and Pajama set when it comes to the kids' clothing, especially the picky ones. Here's why?

Kids need comfort: - Anything will work when it comes to clothing for adults, as adults can wear any dress, whether it's a shirt, pants, jacket, kurta & pajama or anything available, without complaining about the fabric, due to adults being mature. But kids, no, thank you. Kids need comfort in everything, their bed, room, blankets, toys, and don't forget clothing. 

So when it is all about comfort, even adults wouldn't hesitate to get their hands on a hand block-printed kurta & pajama set because other fabrics can get irritating and itchy. Kids will love it because first, it's comfortable due to the material being cotton, and second. After all, they got it as a gift. Parents can even attach a letter that says a story about hand-block printing that their kid(s) will love for sure. 

Kids need variety: - Everyone knows that shopping for clothes for the little ones is not as easy as shopping for adults, as they say, in addition to "Shopping for a child is not a child's play." People can relate to this line every time they sit down to buy something for their children or child. 

It's because kids need variety and regular clothing, even if traditional Indian clothing products run out of options soon. However, add a little twist of hand-block printing, and the parents are safe. There is something available for every child with almost unlimited choices in colors, patterns, and designs.

Kids need new: - Kids being kids are prone to get bored from something very soon, the result will be the thing ending up in the dustbin more shortly than the parents want, it is because of the kids' mindsets that no one can understand, that's why kids stores are constantly updating themselves to keep up with the children's demands, but how does hand-block printing fit in here?

It's because the art is also constantly updating while still keeping the old patterns, designs, colors, and traditions that make it unique, plus it's affordable, so parents can keep buying it whenever required.

Hand block-printed kurtas & pajamas are the new fashion for modern kids too, as they can be accessorized with anything to give the children a unique and trendy look that they can be proud of. These are handy, and kids can wear them for any function, whether it's a family function, birthday party, wedding, or any event. 

The top 4 block-printed kurtas & pajama set gift ideas for kids

Here's a list of the top 5 kurtas and pajama gift set ideas that kids will love.

  • Yellow mangalgiri cotton kurta & pajama set has colors that match natural backdrops such as green and yellow.
  • Bagh print cotton kurta & pajama set for kids that love staying indoors. This one blends well with bold furniture.
  • Summer skin kurta & pajama set for the modern kids as it has colors and design patterns that the new generation loves.
  • Lime green boys' kurta & pajama set for the boys who love to accessorize a lot. Accessorize this one with a khadi jacket for a cool look.

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